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I have helped hundreds of people for the past 15 years to get in the best shape of their lives, REGARDLESS of their AGE. Are you next?

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Nutritional Therapy Practitioner                 and 
         Personal Trainer

Ready to ditch dieting?


Craving-free Life. Stable Energy. Robust Body.

Rediscover your power to create a craving-free life, stable energy, and a robust body.

With Sasha's help, you can ditch dieting and overtraining and reach

your wellness goals easily and sustainably.

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Ultimate Body Transformation Clients

Gino Grelli, Engineer

Nutritionist Reno Nevada.png

Sasha was extremely easy to talk to about a very sensitive topic. Weight loss and self-image are not always easy to talk about but she was professional and made me feel relaxed talking about my concerns and issues. Her background and experience with nutrition and fitness helped me to trust the process and program she had created for me.

My health and wellness were not my primary focus, for the longest time I could eat whatever I wanted and drink anything because I was young and relied on my metabolism to stay “healthy”. That caught up to me and before I knew it I had gained a lot of weight. I have tried other types of diets and workout routines but all were too extreme and only lasted for a short period of time. Sasha helped me understand what worked for my body and how to keep it consistent.

She not only educated me on proper nutrition but also made me realize that I had a slight intolerance to gluten. When we made a plan to remove gluten from my diet I felt better and lost all the weight that I had been concerned about a total of 25 pounds. She also helped me realize that there are other alternatives to gluten. Working with Sasha has been truly life-changing and I plan to follow all recommendations that she has set for me.

I would highly recommend her to all friends and family. Sasha is fantastic to work with and would change a lot of people’s lives if they put in the effort.  

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