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I have helped hundreds of women for the past 15 years to get in the best shape of their lives REGARDLESS of their AGE. Are you next?

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My mission is:

to empower you with knowledge, ignite your spirit, and set your sexy butt on fire so you can live the Ageless life that you deserve and inspire others to do the same!
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Introducing Ageless Girl Guide 

Your Ultimate Body Transformation Plan

How is this plan different from all the other fitness programs?

It is one of a kind wellness program, that combines a custom nutritional plan with a fitness program. Sasha understands the bio-individuality of every woman is very unique and the "one fits all" approach doesn't work.

Have you ever joined your friend on a trendy diet that worked for her but didn't work for you? Have you tried multiple diets and workouts but the results were short to live?

Me too! Girl, I was frustrated. After few years of competing in bodybuilding events, eating a full farm of chickens in a week, having digestion problems, and missing out on the social life, I decided that I have to find a way to make wellness easy, sustainable, healthy, and YES ageless. I didn't want to deprive myself of all the things that I loved but also I wanted to feel good in my body for the rest of my life.

In my new program, I combined one-on-one Nutritional Therapy coaching with an online fitness program.

As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I will guide you to find the ultimate nutrition plan that WORKS for you. 

As an ex-pro athlete and a certified personal trainer, I used my knowledge and lifelong experience to create my own fitness program. We don't have to train hard, we just have to train smart.

Don't be shy, reach out and schedule your FREE consultation with me. I am looking forward to talking to you. 

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Lauren Fischer, Speech-Language Pathologist

Working with Sasha changed the food game for me. 3 pm slump, what's that? I thought the 3 pm slump was simply unavoidable. I was coming home from work, raiding the kitchen, eating everything in sight, remaining unsatisfied, and feeling terrible about myself. All the effort I put in for a "healthy lunch" went out the window as soon as I got home.

Sasha gave me tools to add to up my meals to keep me satisfied and not craving more when I got home. I thought taking away different foods, calories, and yummy food would help me reach my goals. I thought that was "discipline." Instead, Sasha coached me to add nutrition, color, and bulk into my meals. I was shocked how fast my 3pm sugar cravings disappeared. When the sugar cravings go away, so does guilt, shame, and obsession over food and weight loss.

Now, I don't feel guilty having an occasional dessert, or having a drink out with friends. It will not send me into a spiral of shame. I have better control and understanding about what I put in my body and how it will make me feel. In return, my periods aren't as miserable, my constipation has gone away, and my emotions are more regulated. 

Sasha's holistic approach to nutrition is customized and obtainable. I didn't know it was possible to feel truly satisfied from food. Sasha helped me get a hold of my nutrition without feeling obsessive over what I put in my mouth. Sasha combines tough love with compassion, knowledge, and humor to reach your goals. 

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