Nutritional teraphy
Nutritional teraphy

Coaching is one of the most important personal investments you will make in your life! 


One-on-one Nutritional Therapy and an online fitness program are designed to help you establish a healthy, maintainable lifestyle to reach your goals. Whether you’re brand new to the gym or feel like you’ve hit a plateau, this 3 MONTHS program takes all of the guesswork out and gives you the tools you need to get results! 


  • 3 MONTHS One-on-One Nutritional Therapy coaching program

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire so that an individualized nutritional program can be created specifically for your results

  • Food and Mood journal so that you can track your amazing progress

  • Deep Dive Nutritional Coaching Session to assess current eating habits and build recommendations for best results.

  • 60 minutes monthly Nutritional Therapy follow-up sessions so that you stay on track or refine.

  • YOUR FIT BODY online fitness program is updated regularly so that you do not plateau in reaching your fitness goals

  • BONUS: Monthly 15 minute additional coaching call if needed

  • BONUS: Grocery Shopping list

  • BONUS: Vitamin and supplement recommendations and discount

  • BONUS: Quick 5 Minute Recipes E-Cookbook

  • Unlimited e-mail support 

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Lauren Fischer, Speech-Language Pathologist

Working with Sasha changed the food game for me. 3 pm slump, what's that? I thought the 3 pm slump was simply unavoidable. I was coming home from work, raiding the kitchen, eating everything in sight, remaining unsatisfied, and feeling terrible about myself. All the effort I put in for a "healthy lunch" went out the window as soon as I got home.


Sasha gave me tools to add to up my meals to keep me satisfied and not craving more when I got home. I thought taking away different foods, calories, and yummy food would help me reach my goals. I thought that was "discipline." Instead, Sasha coached me to add nutrition, color, and bulk into my meals. I was shocked how fast my 3pm sugar cravings disappeared. When the sugar cravings go away, so does guilt, shame, and obsession over food and weight loss.


Now, I don't feel guilty having an occasional dessert, or having a drink out with friends. It will not send me into a spiral of shame. I have better control and understanding about what I put in my body and how it will make me feel. In return, my periods aren't as miserable, my constipation has gone away, and my emotions are more regulated. 


Sasha's holistic approach to nutrition is customized and obtainable. I didn't know it was possible to feel truly satisfied from food. Sasha helped me get a hold of my nutrition without feeling obsessive over what I put in my mouth. Sasha combines tough love with compassion, knowledge, and humor to reach your goals. 


The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

This coaching is a partnership between you and me and it will be tailored to your individual needs, desires, and goals.  As your Wellness Coach, I will listen, and guide you through the overwhelming world of nutrition and fitness so you can determine what lifestyle changes are necessary for you. I believe that small steady steps will give you dramatic changes over time, but fast dramatic changes will set you backward.

We have all been there: multiple crash diets with short-term results, gaining more weight when we get back into our “normal routine.” I don’t believe in quick-fix diets that don’t teach you anything but only mess up your metabolism and leave you frustrated, helpless, and angry. We won’t be losing twenty pounds in a week. If you want real success that you can maintain for a lifetime, I am the coach for you!  I’ll provide you with the tips, tools, inspiration, and support to help you get your desired results and Ageless body and spirit!

We can work together to make your dream a reality! Don’t waste another moment wondering what your life could have been.

Book your free consultation with me today and change your life!