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Hey Girl,

Hey girl!

I am Sasha, a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, ex-pro athlete, and wellness junky.

A Russian Girl, who came to the US on an athletic scholarship twenty years ago with one small bag and a huge dream.

Like any immigrant, I worked extra hard to graduate from a university and get my dream job in the interior design world. Throughout my life, I changed my career a few times. From a professional athlete to an interior designer, to a fitness competitor and a personal trainer, and now added another layer to my expertise, nutritional therapy.

For the last 5 years I ran YOURFIT with Sasha, a fitness blog and YOURFIT BODY online fitness program for women. I realized that fitness is a very small part of my passion and I am not serving you at my full capacity. 

I was always curious about longevity.  For years, I trained seniors in an assisted living facility and saw a great difference that fitness makes in the quality of life even at old age. I couldn't help but wonder, what if these people started on the wellness path at their younger age, would they be healthier, stronger and more independent now? 

Also, I was wondering why some people thrive in their later age and some people suffer. Are we destined to age a certain way due to our genetic makeup? 

I started to do my research and I found out that the aging process starts at a cellular level in our 20s. Although we are born with certain DNA, our daily habits either deteriorate or replenish our bodies. I no longer want to talk just about weight loss and fitness! I am not interested in helping you look good now, I want to help you to look and feel dynamite in your 90s! I want to lay down that foundation in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s ... you get me Girl, so you are still full of life and joy in your later years. You think it's so far away and you don’t need to worry about it? Think again. I hate to sound cliche but time really does fly!


So here I am …

I want to dive deeper with you into the science of aging.  What foods will support our longevity? What movement is best for an ageless body? What can we do to reverse the damage we have done in our youth and how can young people be more mindful so they can feel and look their best in their 80s, 90s?

I am sure you've caught yourself saying: I never want to get old! I feel you and I will tell you this:


We are lucky if we have the privilege to age but we don’t have to get old, Girl! 



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This site is dedicated to being your guide and inspiration to live fiercely at ANY age! To do so, we have to take care of our body, mind, and spirit on a daily basis. We have to stay curious, continue to push through our comfort zones, and seek out meaningful relationships with other remarkable humans. My goal is to share everything I know and learn from expert Ageless Girls and Guys. 

I believe that humans don’t have an expiration date

. . . but we tend to give ourselves one for some reason. Girl, we gotta stop that! As long as we are alive we have talents to share, dreams to chase, and love to give. In fact, the longer you are on this planet, the more amazing your gifts become. As you can see, getting older is worth celebrating!

My mission is to
empower you with knowledge,

ignite your spirit,
and set your sexy butt on fire

so you can live the Ageless life that you deserve and inspire others to do the same!

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I invite you to join me on this exciting journey full of discoveries about ourselves and our true potential. We will be chatting about all things Ageless Living. So grab your drink of choice and get cozy. I want to connect with you! I want to know what is it that you’re curious about. What would you like to learn and what knowledge would you like to share with the rest of us? Welcome, I am so glad you are here!


Leave your email address and I will make sure you get my Guide to Boosting Your Metabolism and Energy. I won’t be sending you anything else unless something really cool and important is happening at AGG. 

DISCLAIMER: I know, this will be a shocker, but I am not perfect or not even close! English is my second language and public speaking is a foreign language. I will mess up but I will be real and truthful, and you get to witness “Sash-ism” as my friends call my poor grammar and wrong choice of words. I can guarantee you, we will have a good time together. 


I am thanking you for visiting me here and taking time to read this far.  I am looking forward to our journey together, full of discoveries, breakthroughs, belly laughs, and happy tears!